Frequently Asked Questions


What is the address of 55 Seventy?

6130 Berkshire Ln. Dallas, TX 75225

What are the operating hours?  

We will offer full-service from Tuesday - Saturday 2:00pm - 9:00pm, and open later on weekends. Members can access the space on a self-service basis beginning at 7:00am Tuesday - Saturday for coffee, meetings, or just a space to get some work done or relax. 

When does 55 Seventy plan to open for business? 

Our target launch date is early 2022, but given the current construction environment there is a chance we will open the doors in late Spring. 


Does 55 Seventy serve alcoholic beverages other than wine? 

Yes, we plan to carry a small selection of beer and ready-to-drink cocktails, the type of alcohol beverage permit we hold, we will not carry spirits.  

Will 55 Seventy serve food? 

On a daily basis we will offer a selection of charcuterie, cheese boards, crudité, olives, nuts and other light bites. As part of our monthly programming, we will bring in chefs from around the world to host amazing wine dinners and other culinary events for our members to enjoy.   

Does 55 Seventy have a full kitchen? 

Yes, we have a full kitchen designed for chefs to use for our wine dinners, catering for events and to prepare meals for members who rent the private dining room and other event spaces. 

How many cases of wine fit into a standard locker? 

Our lockers are designed to hold 12 standard cases of wine arranged 3x4. Members can purchase racking or tubes to organize individual bottles, or stack cases as you see fit. 

Do walk-in cellar units come with racking? 

No, our walk in units are delivered as a blank canvas (empty room). Members can provide shelving or wine racking as you see fit, or simply use the space for bulk case storage. 

Can I bring my own wine to drink in 55 Seventy? 

Yes, members can bring their own wine or pull a bottle from your locker, all without a corkage fee! Members can also purchase wine by the glass or bottle from our house cellar without the typical restaurant markup. 

Does 55 Seventy sell wine by the glass? 

Yes! We will offer a curated selection of wines by the glass as well as frequent BTG specials and rotating selections from our favorite winery partners. As always, our BTG wines are sold at a retail price equivalent and we never have a restaurant mark up!