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The culinary program at 55 Seventy consistently elevates dining standards, ensuring an extraordinary experience with each visit. Chef Josh Sutcliff is dedicated to crafting exquisite dishes that combine fresh ingredients and classic techniques with innovative twists. Whether it’s a casual lunch or a sophisticated dinner, our commitment to exceptional culinary excellence remains unwavering.

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Chef Josh Sutcliff

Chef Josh Sutcliff

Josh Sutcliff is an acclaimed Chef who leads the culinary program at 55 Seventy. He has earned recognition as one of Zagat’s top 30-under-30 influential restaurant professionals, earned a 4-star review from The Dallas Morning News, and was named Rising Star Chef of the Year. 

Chef Josh previously served as chef de cuisine at Matt McCallister’s highly acclaimed FT33 and afterwards, he headed the kitchen at Filament. In 2016 he garnered effusive praise as executive chef at Mirador - The modern American restaurant focused on local and seasonal ingredients. He then served as the Executive Chef at The Halcyon Hotel and Local Jones in Denver, where he successfully opened the hotel and restaurant and was named Cherry Creek Best Chef (Editors Pick) by Cherry Creek Magazine

Culinary Programming

Speciality Programming

At 55 Seventy, our exclusive private wine club offers a diverse array of culinary events designed to tantalize the senses and enrich the palate, featuring everything from Guest Chef Dinners to Multi-Course Dinners, each carefully crafted to provide an unparalleled dining experience.

Guest Chef Dinners

Experience the thrill of culinary innovation at our Guest Chef Dinners, where renowned chefs from around the world showcase their unique talents and flavors. These exclusive events provide an opportunity to savor one-of-a-kind menus, specially curated to offer a fresh perspective on global cuisine

Chef-Led Speciality Dinners

Delight in an immersive dining experience with our Chef-Led Specialty Dinners. Each event features a specific theme or ingredient, allowing our in-house chefs to explore creative boundaries and craft dishes that tell a story.

Chef Series Tastings and Cooking Classes

Join us for our Chef Series Tastings and Dinners, where culinary artistry meets the mastery of taste. These gatherings highlight the versatility and skill of our chefs through a series of courses paired with perfect wines. It’s an intimate journey through refined flavors and innovative pairings, tailored for the discerning palate.

Food & Wine Pairings

Explore the harmonious relationship between food and wine at our Food and Wine Pairings events. Our sommeliers and chefs collaborate to pair exquisite dishes with the perfect wines, enhancing the flavors and overall dining experience. These sessions are designed to educate and delight, offering insights into the art of pairing.

Wine Dinners

Indulge in a sophisticated evening with our Wine Dinners, where each course is accompanied by a carefully selected wine to enhance your dining experience. These dinners are a celebration of fine wines and gourmet food, offering a perfect blend of aromas and flavors that elevate the culinary narrative.

Multi-Course Dinners 

Experience the epitome of dining excellence with our Multi-Course Dinners. Each dinner is an elaborate affair, featuring multiple dishes that showcase the peak of culinary craftsmanship. Perfect for special occasions, these dinners are a testament to the luxury and attention to detail at 55 Seventy.

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